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4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Processors for AI Deep Learning Enterprise Solutions

Updated: May 11

4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Processors for AI Deep Learning Enterprise Solutions

Time and efficiency are important. To guarantee the optimum performance from cutting-edge, new technology, Holoware has solutions for the 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® platform.

Accelerating AI and Setting the Standard for Efficiency

While engineering deeper features into a ground-breaking platform, Intel® has accomplished a remarkable improvement in CPU performance. The built-in AI acceleration engines will improve the performance of AI and deep learning, while networking, storage, and analytics make use of other specialized accelerators in the 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable CPU. The next line of Xeon processors will give even greater CPU performance and performance per watt, do so on a PCIe 5.0 architecture with 2x the preceding gen throughput to considerably speed up data flow to and from GPUs and storage, and do so by adding a variety of new capabilities to target a wide range of applications.

High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) in the Intel® Xeon® Max series CPUs is an additional new feature. In addition to Gen5 NVMe SSDs and fast PCIe Gen5 accelerators, Holoware offers components ready to maximize the performance of Xeon CPU-based systems for this new platform. These devices also support highly effective DDR5 memory.

For the 4th generation Intel® Xeon® platform,

choose Holoware.

High-Performance CPU

The highest computing performance depends on a system that our engineers have carefully built to effectively drain heat to reach optimal performance.

Energy Savings

To increase power supply and server fan efficiency, our engineers have built-in features. In addition to Titanium and Platinum options.

Ideal Price

To cater to consumers' specific needs without charging for extra features they won't use, Holoware provides a variety of product models and configurations.

Constant Operation

System reliability is ensured by thorough testing and design. Customers now anticipate consistent performance.


High-Performance Computing (HPC) and AI

Although the applications of HPC and AI are diversifying, they still share a lot of gear. To analyze massive amounts of data or do simulation and modeling, they depend on high computing performance from the CPU and accelerators. They also require high-speed or high-capacity storage along with quick networking for clusters due to the volume of data.


Mission-critical workloads are a must for organizations; thus, the IT infrastructure should reflect that. Enterprise-based servers must be safe to protect privacy and data, dependable to run continuously, and adaptable to meet changing business demands.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is the process of sifting through enormous volumes of data to identify trends and draw conclusions. Systems that prioritize CPU and memory performance and the appropriate storage design and networking capabilities must be able to process and send data fast.

Use Cases

Video Analytics: Gain market share quicker, support quicker analytics, and support more simultaneous streams.

Applications: NVR Storage Server, Management Services Server, Video/Data Analytics Server.

  • Profit from consolidated hardware's quick AI inference performance with possibly reduced BOM costs, made possible by Intel® AMX, a new acceleration engine in Intel® DL Boost.

  • Eight AI accelerators can be supported by up to 80 PCIe 5.0 lanes, and rapid I/O removes data transmission bottlenecks.

  • For workloads including object identification and analytics, DDR5 memory aids in quick data movement.

Healthcare: Support Emerging Use Cases in Genomics Sequencing, Medical Imaging, and Drug Research in Healthcare

Applications: Clinical Instruments, Endoscopy, Medical Carts, and Ultrasound Imaging.

  • DDR5 memory's high-performance speeds up the processing of scanned medical images.

  • Intel® DL Boost, improved by the new Intel® AMX, support the potential acceleration of vector- and matrix-intensive applications in industries including drug research, biomanufacturing, and genomics.

  • Long-term accessibility facilitates the acquisition of medical systems through protracted certification procedures.

Capture More Revenue Across Multiple Touchpoints in Retail, Banking, Hospitality, and Education

Applications: Digital Surveillance, Video Walls, Digital Signage, and Small-Format Retail for point-of-sale.

  • More virtual desktops for banking and education are supported by more cores and better performance.

  • The potential for single-socket systems is made possible by 80 lanes of PCIe 5.0 operating at 32 GT/s.

  • Inference-based solutions are made quick and responsive by Intel® DL Boost and the new Intel® AMX.

Industrial Manufacturing: Increase Factory Output and Run Compute-Intensive Automation in Less Time

Applications: defect detection, assembly line verification, and human-machine interfaces (HMI).

  • Support up to 52 cores, high-bandwidth DDR5 memory, PCIe 5.0, improved Intel® DL Boost with new Intel® AMX, and increased workload convergence in automation and machine vision.

  • With support for Intel® RDT and the ability to assign cache and memory to high-priority activities, control loop timing on x86 hardware can be improved.

  • The dependability of systems is improved by long-life availability and 10-year industrial-commercial temperature usage conditions (on specific SKUs).

Applications for Digital Safety and Reconnaissance in the Public Sector: Reliable and Consistent Experiences

Applications: Command and Control Systems, Communication Networks, and Intelligent Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems.

  • Utilize up to 52 cores and a high memory bandwidth of up to 4,800 MT/s in recon applications to offload video and AI for quick processing. This enables the speedy generation of high-quality pictures with clarity and precision.

  • With the inclusion of additional accelerators in edge servers and CXL to offer data coherency, high DDR5 memory capacity and PCIe 5.0 assist give quick results for processing radar data.

  • Strict security needs can be met with the use of hardware-assisted technologies like Intel® TME and Intel® SGX.

Consolidate workloads for AI/deep learning, edge and industrial servers, and video analytics with performance, connectivity, and security.

We offer pre-configured systems that are ready to go or can custom-build a system to your preferred specification. Click here to view the range of desktops & workstations.

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