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Autodesk® Maya® – Recommended Workstation Configuration

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Maya is a 3D modelling and animation application that may be used to create 3D materials for usage in cinema, television, game development, and architecture projects. Autodesk® Maya® is a sophisticated programme designed for professionals with extensive experience in computer-aided design (CAD). Autodesk® Maya® makes 3D modelling a snap, thanks to its practically limitless feature set and outstanding live rendering capabilities.

Modelling Configurations

Autodesk® Maya® – Recommended Workstation Configuration

Rendering Configurations

Rendered images are extremely efficient at utilising a large number of cores, thanks to the use of rendering engines such as Arnold (which is included with later versions of Maya, as well as Mental Ray, V-Ray, Keyshot, and others). This means a CPU with twice the number of cores is almost twice as fast as a CPU with half the number of cores.

Autodesk® Maya® – Recommended Workstation Configuration

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