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Davinci Resolve Workstation: The Right Solution

DaVinci Resolve is a strong video editing suite that has a distinct market niche. Initially designed for color grading, Resolve has evolved into a full suite capable of handling a wide range of production jobs. DaVinci Resolve workstations provide the right hardware balance to allow you to focus on producing your finest work.

Key Features


For your operating system and apps, all of our workstations come with a fast Solid-State Drive (SSD), but what you need beyond that depends on your workflow and studio environment.


DaVinci Resolve’s Edit and Color modes are very efficient, but compositing shots in the Fusion window may quickly use RAM if you’re not cautious. We recommend at least 32GB of RAM to get started, with more if you plan to use Fusion frequently or run many programs at once.


For high-resolution video playback, effects, and transcoding, DaVinci Resolve heavily relies on your system’s graphics processing unit (GPU). The program also scales effectively with the number of GPUs available, which means that the more you have, the faster these jobs will run. All of our systems can support several GPU cards from NVIDIA and AMD, which we can tailor to your specific requirements and budget.


Although strong GPUs help with editing and transcoding in DaVinci Resolve, your processor (or CPU) must be fast enough to keep up. Additionally, the CPU is significantly more critical when compositing shots in the Fusion window. Additional CPU cores will offer you greater speed in Resolve (particularly when exporting), but with the exception of the free edition, it is normally best to spend your cash on more or higher-end GPUs rather than a more powerful CPU. Use a single-socket workstation if you’re dealing with 2K footage. A dual-processor system with twin graphics cards is suggested for 4K, 6K, and 8K resolutions.

The recommended components and settings on this page are specific to this application. If you want to run more applications, please see our recommendations here and choose the configuration that best meets all of the application requirements.

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