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Updated: May 8

Important Features to Look for in Interior Design Software

Interior design software is a set of design tools that assist designers in creating floor plans, visualizing rooms in 3D, and designing different components of the space – for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Everything is done digitally to create a realistic vision of a specific space.

The design journey on interior design software generally begins with well-thought-out floor plans. It offers 360-degree renderings of the 3D design, transforming the look of any area with virtual furniture and accessories, and changing the room’s color, textures, and lighting plans.

The Most Important Features to Look for in Interior Design Software:

⦾ 2D and 3D Floor Plans

⦾ Home Decor

⦾ 3D Visualizations

⦾ Room Templates

⦾ Light editing

⦾ Custom Finishes

Software Supported for Interior Design:

➡ 3D Max Design

➡ AutoCAD 3D Max

➡ Blender

➡ Revit

➡ Maya

➡ Sketch-Up

When choosing an interior design program, it’s important to consider your business needs and goals. From there, you can determine which features you need and what computer needs would be best.

Processor – Multi-core processor (6 or more Cores are Required), R5 & R7 – Series or higher or AMD equivalent is required. It is recommended, that you purchase the highest and most affordable CPU speed available.

Memory – 32 is required (must be able to be upgradable to at least 32 GB of RAM or more).

Disk Space – NVME SSD or higher Solid-State Drive is required. 3 or more GB of free disk space for each software installation is required.

Graphics Card – The video card is required to have a dedicated RAM, of 6GB or more is required. This is required for Autodesk products to work at maximum output capabilities.

Internet Connectivity – The latest version and fastest speed of a Wired and Wireless LAN (802.11) are required. Internet connection and registration are necessary for software activation, validation of subscriptions, and access to other Online services.

Operating System – Windows® 10 PRO or higher is required.

All of the benefits listed here are strong in favor of the designer - Holoware workstations make it possible to work continuously. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog article! We hope you found it interesting and useful.

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