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Do Workstations need Graphics Cards?

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

The answer to the above question is both YES and NO!! It's yes because without a graphics card your workstation will not be able to give display output and a NO because all the tasks can be performed fine as long as you would not like to see what you are doing. By way of explanation, it's like a human body conducting all the necessary chores impassively so, basically graphic cards bring life to a workstation.

A graphics card is a display card that effectuates a feed of yielding images to a display device comprising of a set of the chipset on the circuit board that has a processor, RAM, and other components approximately the size of an index card converting video data into electronic signals and transmitting them to monitor which turns the signals into colorful images.

There are two types of the graphics cards:

1) Integrated graphics. 2) Dedicated or discrete graphics.

Integrated Graphics - They are built-in motherboards or processors found in most standard laptops and computers. They are small, power-efficient, and cost-effective. Both Intel and AMD come with CPUs having Integrated graphics and perform tasks like browsing the Internet, creating documents, and watching videos without having a dedicated graphics card.

Dedicated or Discrete Graphics - It is a hardware used to manage the graphics performance of the computer and are extremely advanced device performing an extensive number of calculations, graphic processing & optimized gaming. AMD makes dedicated graphics processing unit GPU chips which are powerful and easy to upgrade.

With computational advancement, CPU (Central Processing Unit) performance has been improved moderately and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) performance has improved exponentially, making graphics cards more than a simple display output. Interestingly, apart from implementing additional processing, they are also capable of performing “Ray Tracing” which is a form of 3D graphics making the texture and materials in the images incredibly realistic with a copious amount of processing power.

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