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Holoware® TESLA Workstations with NVIDIA GPUs

Utilize specially designed Holoware® TESLA workstations to do more in less time. NVIDIA TESLA GPUs offer unmatched computing performance whether you're processing enormous data sets, modeling powerful particle systems, or visualizing fluid dynamics models.

Tesla Power

The greatest option for personal supercomputers is the GPU since it performs better than CPUs in jobs requiring highly parallel computing. NVIDIA GPUs are used in Holoware® TESLA workstations to give enormous gains in processing capacity without the need to purchase expensive and power-hungry CPU arrays costing tens of thousands of dollars each.

Efficient Cooling

More heat is produced by high-performance components, necessitating strong and cutting-edge cooling techniques. The Holoware® TESLA workstations are built to handle even the most demanding hardware setups, avoiding performance snags and stability problems that might potentially bring 24/7 computing processes to a halt.

Stable Performance

There is no room for downtime due to the significance of mission-critical projects and the need for constant data accuracy. Holoware® is aware of this, which is why our TESLA workstations are built from the bottom up using only components that have been tested and validated in the industry. This ensures that every workstation will function flawlessly when it is delivered to the client.

Completely Expandable

TESLA workstations include full-speed PCI-E 16x slots that can accommodate numerous dedicated NVIDIA GPUs, resulting in a platform that is flexible and simple to update. The ability to add to Holoware® workstations with readily available third-party components lowers maintenance and upkeep expenses. Even the costliest CPU arrays will not match the performance of the Holoware® GPU workstation.

The Holoware® workstation series is intended for applications in data science, engineering, or any other field that call for intensive parallel processing. The NVIDIA Tesla® GPUs that are supported by the Holoware® workstation series provide you cluster-level performance directly at your desk.

For more options for your unique goals and requirements, please get a custom quote here.

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