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Holoware® Workstations for Data Science Powered by NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs

Holoware® Workstations for Data Science Powered by NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs

Data scientists are in high demand as workflow complexity rises as data is profoundly altering how businesses operate. With NVIDIA® Tesla®-powered Holoware® data science workstations, you can get the performance you need to swiftly turn big datasets into insights and create outstanding customer experiences. To create a new generation of completely integrated workstations, NVIDIA® Tesla® professional GPUs were used in the construction.

Built on the High-End GPUs in the World

Holoware® Workstations powered by NVIDIA® Tesla® professional GPUs will enable you to use the power of Tesla in your data research process. Get Holoware® workstations with blazing-fast local memory so you can analyze massive datasets and computationally taxing applications wherever you are.

Utilize cutting-edge graphics and AI-accelerating toolkits for breathtaking data visualization, and set up remote access for the most flexibility possible. With Holoware® workstations that guarantee the greatest level of interoperability, support, and dependability, NVIDIA® Tesla® allows you to maximize productivity, shorten the time it takes to get insight and cut the cost of data science projects.

With GPU-Accelerated Software Integrated

A full stack of tried-and-true data science applications based on NVIDIA® Tesla® is included with NVIDIA-powered Holoware® data science workstations. The stack includes TensorFlow, PyTorch, and NVIDIA-optimized libraries for data processing and machine learning, as well as other top data science programs. This quickens corporate procedures for model training, data visualization, and data preparation.

Features and Advantages

Improve the Productivity of Data Scientists: Use a fully integrated hardware and software stack that is ready to use right out of the box for immediate productivity gains.

Improved Model Development and Training Speed: Accelerate iteration and the transition to production clusters with powerful NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs.

Business-Class Dependability and Support: Get world-class support for NVIDIA-created software and containers with optional software support services. Data scientists rely on these services.

Holoware® Data Science Workstations significantly shorten the time it takes to gain insights by delivering ground-breaking model creation, data preparation, and training capabilities on Holoware® workstations. Would you want to discover more?

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