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Multitasking With a More Powerful Workstation!

Updated: May 8

Multitasking With More Powerful Holoware Workstations

The best CPUs for Business/Home/Game desktops give great value for money while yet delivering adequate performance. These processors are adequate for modest productivity activities such as Document Processing, Email, Social Networking, Product Develop, Designing, and so on. Some of these CPUs include integrated graphics, which allows you to use them with the addition of a dedicated graphics card.

Important Specifications of Processor:


The speed of a computer processor is measured in gigahertz (abbreviated as GHz). Today’s computers are often powered by processors with GHz rates such as 1.6 GHz, 2.6 GHz,3.6 GHz, and so on.

CPU with a clock speed of one gigahertz (GHz) may do one billion cycles per second. As a result, the higher the GHz rating, the higher the processor’s performance (power). Processor performance also varies greatly depending on the number of “cores” in its architecture and the number of “threads” for processing cycles.


When looking for a business PC, another feature of CPUs to consider is the number of cores. CPUs are available in single, dual, and quad-core varieties.

The cores are all one CPU, so if you are using a dual-processor the computer has enough power to run two processor cores in one. The quad processor can power 4 processor cores in one processor. The same goes for the processors that have 6 or 8 cores. Original computers only have one CPU when they first came out, so the addition of the dual, quad, and even the 6-8 cores has made computers the ability to process information faster and make it easier to decipher more information all at once.


Every process has at least one thread, but there is no maximum number of threads a process can use. For specialized tasks, the more threads you have, the better your computer’s performance will be. With multiple threads, a single process can handle a variety of tasks simultaneously.

Graphics Card:

As GPUs get faster, games are designed to take advantage of the extra performance, and that pushes manufacturers to make even faster GPUs, continuing the cycle.

Those who use their PCs for complex tasks like 3D rendering, game development, and video editing also benefit from faster GPUs. High-end applications like AutoCAD and Adobe Premiere Pro can make use of GPUs to speed up processing and make for faster and more efficient workflows.


RAM, stands for Random Access Memory and is used as a short-term memory for computers to place their data for easy access. The more RAM a computer has, the more data it can usually juggle at any given moment. While more RAM can be good, there are limits to the benefit of adding more RAM.

RAM may improve computer speed if you frequently use many programs or browse tabs at once, or if you do memory-intensive tasks like gaming, Photoshop & Designing.


RAM is a computer’s main memory and is much faster than common storage devices such as HDDs, SSDs, or optical disks.

Storage is now available in three major formats:


Hard disks have been around for almost 55 years, steadily increasing storage capacity and decreasing physical size. HDDs read and write data.


Solid-state drives employ flash memory to provide superior performance and durability. The SSD speed of reading and writing data, together with its overall performance, is determined by its controller.SSDs are more durable, operate cooler, and consume less energy since they do not have moving parts.


NVMe technology provides superior storage, superior speed, and superior compatibility. NVMe offers high transfer speeds, low latency even with random data access, more durability but not for hierarchical storage use, and expectedly no sound of moving parts. The stark performance boost can be seen in day-to-day usages, like swift system boot and shutdown speeds, application launch is more robust, and the system feels smoother and without any lagging.

It has several new features and improvements that make creating high-quality renderings easier, smoother, and more pleasant. If you want to take your workstation to the next level, please contact us here.

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