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Points to know about T1000 (8GB) Graphics Card

Updated: May 8

Points to know about T1000 (8GB) Graphics Card

The NVIDIA T1000 8GB GPU, which is based on NVIDIA Turing GPU architecture, is a powerful, low-profile solution that offers the performance and functionality needed by demanding professional applications in a small professional graphics card. The NVIDIA T1000 8GB (or T1000) is equipped to elevate your work with 896 CUDA Cores, up to 8 GB of GDDR6 memory, and support for up to four 5K monitors.

Professionals are increasingly turning to small form factor computing solutions to reduce the footprint of their desktop workstations without sacrificing performance. Small form factor workstations are needed to deliver full-size features and performance in a portable device for today's professional workloads.

Features and Performance of the NVIDIA T1000 8GB

Benefits for Customers:
  • NVIDIA T1000 8GB (or T1000) provides more than 50% higher performance than the previous generation thanks to NVIDIA Turing GPU architecture.

  • Allows for greater degrees of interaction during design and visualization while working with bigger models, sceneries, and assemblies.

  • By supporting the most recent OpenGL, DirectX, Vulkan, and NVIDIA CUDA standards, as well as strong ISV developer engagements and certification with over 100 professional software applications, NVIDIA ensures hardware compatibility and reliability.

  • Provides specialized decoding and encoding engines that are independent of the 3D graphics and compute pipeline to enable the creation and playback of H.264 and HEVC video.

  • NVIDIA T1000 8GB (or T1000) can drive display resolutions for up to four 5K monitors or two 8K displays per card thanks to supporting DisplayPort 1.4. To construct display walls or other immersive environments, combine up to four NVIDIA T1000 8GB (or T1000) boards in a single system.

  • For 4K TVs with 30-bit color, enjoy beautiful images with HDR color support and refresh rates of up to 120 Hz.

Benefits for IT Professionals:
  • Experience higher-quality goods that are powered by hardware designs and component choices that are power-efficient for the best operating performance, endurance, and durability.

  • Intensive product testing in collaboration with top OEMs and system integrators that mimic the most demanding real-world situations ensures high uptime.

  • Utilize your IT asset management framework to integrate the NVIDIA Enterprise Administration tools for remote monitoring and management of NVIDIA T1000 8GB (or T1000) boards installed throughout your company.

  • Utilize the powerful driver installation included with the NVIDIA Enterprise Management tools to scale up NVIDIA T1000 8 GB (or T1000) deployments to hundreds of workstations.

  • By regularly releasing reliable, long-lasting drivers built on solid feature development and quality-assurance procedure, software driver deployment may be made simpler.

Solutions for the NVIDIA T1000 8GB

  • Enables engineers and designers to produce models with more parts and intricate assembly.

  • Provides up to three 4K monitor support for a large desktop that enables designers to use much software at once.

  • Supports monitors with a resolution of up to 8K. For an enormous visual workspace, combine several NVIDIA T1000 8GB (or T1000) boards.

Media and Entertainment:
  • Enables editors to work with HDR footage and up to 5K full resolution in real-time.

  • Gives artists who work with 2D or 3D pictures the ability to achieve greater performance with resources stored in specialized high-performance graphics memory.

  • Uses H.264/HEVC encode and decode engines to produce and playback ultra-high quality HDR material.

  • To construct vast visual display systems, combine several NVIDIA T1000 8 GB (or T1000) boards.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction:
  • Enables the creation of bigger models and lag-free, real-time viewing of 2D and 3D blueprints and designs by architects.

  • Gives urban designers the resources they need to produce models with increased intricacy and depth.

Financial Services:
  • Uses the onboard mini-DisplayPort latching connections to directly drive up to four 4K monitors per card. Creates large visual worlds employing four NVIDIA T1000 8GB (or T1000) boards per system and up to 16 total screens.

  • Utilizes NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager Software to manage many windows across several desktops, apps, and programs.

  • Increases output by allowing multi-application processes to operate without affecting performance.

  • Uses less electricity, which lowers TCO.

If you’re looking to take your workstation to the next level, reach out to our experts here.

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