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Powerful AMD Threadripper™ in Holoware Workstations: An Overview

Updated: May 8

Powerful AMD Threadripper™ in Holoware Workstations: An Overview

Performance & computing power are combined in the AMD-powered Holoware workstations. Our professional workstation combines enormous power, flexibility, and dependability in one device, making it ideal for everyone who is creating the next animated blockbuster, developing innovative augmented reality initiatives, or analyzing large amounts of data.

The goal of any professional nowadays is to do more in less time while doing so flawlessly. Our high-performance workstations, which are powered by the most recent AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ Pro processors, provide full-spectrum performance for a variety of demanding professional applications. Our workstation is optimized for demanding, multi-application workloads and gives users the tools they need to handle demanding, complicated work streams more successfully. Initiatives in Data Science, Visual Design, Engineering, Photography, VR, and AI are propelled without compromise by bridging clock speed and multi-core processing.

Designed for professionals that rely on mixed-use workflows, such as Engineers, Architects, Artists, and Designers. Our workstations enable you to concurrently develop and render without losing speed, thanks to their high-performance CPUs and comprehensive professional graphics choices.

Heat shouldn't increase as power increases. A venting layout that provides specialized air passages for crucial components is a characteristic of the newly built chassis. This improves the system's thermal efficiency and acoustic performance, allowing you to concentrate on your job as it operates efficiently and silently.

Reliability and security are essential since performance and productivity across several apps and multi-threaded processes must be at an all-time high. Professional software certifications backed by rigorous benchmarking and testing assist guarantee that the software’s completely functioning and optimized.

Holoware workstation offers excellent performance, supports multiple monitors on a single workstation, and continues our ongoing commitment to creating solutions that match a range of work environments and teams.

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