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Purpose Built Holoware® AI + Deep Learning Workstations

Holoware® Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Workstations

With a quicker workflow, you can manipulate massive data sets more quickly to accomplish your goals and advance your organization. Invest in a Holoware® workstation computer today to gain the benefit of tomorrow.

Optimized for AI and Deep Learning

Holoware® Workstations enable quicker processes for handling huge data sets in shorter turnaround times to achieve your objectives and advance your organization. With a Holoware® deep learning workstation, you may have the competitive edge of the future now and have the processing capability to handle cognitive technologies and time-consuming analytical development.

Holoware® Workstations uses components from Intel Xeon, AMD Threadripper, and NVIDIA Tesla graphics cards to ensure that our machine learning workstations operate to the highest standards—even under the taxing conditions of AI workload development and deployment. Holoware® workstations smoothly integrate with independent software vendors (ISVs) thanks to advanced testing techniques and creative design.

Superior Thermal and Technical Design

Holoware® workstation solutions are built to the exacting performance standards demanded by artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning applications. They can be tailored to your requirements to achieve the constant performance required by cognitive technologies. For our clients, we maximize the potential of even the most extreme hardware configurations.

Quickly create AI models

The fastest workstation GPU for data scientists, AI researchers, and developers is NVIDIA® Tesla. With GPU-accelerated data preparation and model training, 24 GB of GPU RAM for processing huge data sets allows faster end-to-end data science operations.

Performance and reliability are of utmost importance

To guarantee total stability under even the most demanding workloads, Holoware® AI workstations are stress-tested and benchmarked per application specifications using approved hardware. Each Holoware® workstation is individually constructed from premium components with a solid track record.

Complete Upgradeable Components

Each component of our Holoware® workstation computers is long-lasting and can be updated using common off-the-shelf hardware. Your new workstation may be maintained any way you see fit; there are no limitations.

Check out our ultimate option of workstations to help you find the best workstation. Click here to get your workstation custom quote.

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