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Unlock the Power of Holoware Workstations with Intel® Xeon® Processors!

Updated: May 8

Unlock the Power of Holoware Workstations with Intel® Xeon® Processors!

You may count on our workstations to complete tasks that call for intensive processing or rendering capabilities. We have a wide variety of workstations with Intel Xeon® Processors which handles the majority of the workload.

Similar frequencies and cache capacities are provided by top-tier Core models and Intel Xeon CPUs. This discussion is only applicable to Xeon CPUs made for workstations.

Our Xeon workstation CPUs enable Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory, which is another way they vary from their Core workstation counterparts.

In workstations used for intensive, mission-critical calculations, Xeon processors are especially useful since they include ECC memory, a capability that is generally reserved for servers. 99.999% of soft memory mistakes are found and corrected using ECC memory before they create issues. By doing this, system crashes and data corruption might be significantly decreased.

Xeon processors are capable of handling consistently larger, more demanding loads. Those who utilize workstations often may benefit from longer life and Xeon is what you need if your applications demand a large number of CPU cores. Only Xeon allows for multi-CPU systems.

Benefits of Holoware’s Xeon Workstations:

Holoware's workstations are valued by users that run sophisticated CAD software, deal with confidential financial information, or work in settings where system failures can have a significant negative effect on the bottom line of the company. These users are unable to put up with abrupt shutdowns and data corruption problems. For them, the extra incremental cost of Xeon CPUs is justified by the degree of dependability and security that ECC memory support offers.

We strongly advise Xeon processors for high-end applications like 3D modeling and rendering, deep learning, and other tasks where the advantages of ECC RAM, a larger cache, and maybe multiple CPUs are useful.

Ready to make your selection? Check out our workstations here to find the option that's right for you.

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