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Upgrade your high-end workflows with the Intel Xeon® based Holoware Computers!

Updated: May 8

Upgrade your high-end workflows with the Intel Xeon® based Holoware Computers!

What is an Intel Xeon processor?

One of Intel's modern central processing units is the Xeon processor (CPU). They resemble Intel Core processors in many aspects. Additionally, they are more evolved in several ways.

In case you're not familiar with what a CPU does, here's a brief explanation. The CPU works on your computer to run software applications and do calculations.

The core is each processor's most important part. The core both produces instructions for the other computer components and reads instructions that are provided to it by those components. A CPU can read and write more instructions and execute programmes more quickly the more cores it has.

Power processors are unquestionably the Intel Xeon CPUs. They are excellent for running intense programmes and mission-critical jobs because of their high core count and unique features. Error-correcting code memory is arguably the most crucial of these features.

Can Intel Xeon processors be configured to support hyperthreading?

On the Intel Xeon processors, hyperthreading is a feature that significantly boosts processing capability.

If you're not sure what hyperthreading is, here's a basic explanation. A processor's cores can typically handle one incoming data stream at a time. When a CPU has hyperthreading, its cores can handle two data streams concurrently rather than just one. This implies that the CPU can process more data more quickly, which is crucial if you're attempting to run demanding programmes.

With hyperthreading, the most potent Intel Xeon processors have the processing power of 36 cores despite only having 18 cores.

What are the differences between Intel Core processors and the Intel Xeon?

The benefits of Intel Xeon over Intel Core are as follows:

  • Increased maximum core count

  • Able to support greater loads

  • More robust

  • Built with ECC RAM

The Intel Xeon also has a sizable CPU cache, which is additional memory the CPU can use to accelerate workloads. The Intel Xeon cache is roughly twice as large as the CPU caches found in Intel Core CPUs. Intel Core CPUs are without a doubt top-notch parts; the Intel Xeon is merely a step up in performance.

Holoware Workstations are specially designed for Intel Xeon processors also. The huge number of cores and enhanced RAM functions offer it adequate processing power and speed to perform the most intensive creative applications, from computer-aided design (CAD) to 4K video editing to 3D rendering.

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