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What is Wi-Fi 6 and its benefits?

Updated: May 8, 2023

Wi-Fi 6 and Benefits

The next version of Wi-Fi technology is Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi 6, commonly known as “AX Wi-Fi” or “802.11ax Wi-Fi,” is a wireless networking technology that builds on and advances upon the present 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard.

Wi-Fi 6 has the highest speed of up to 9.6 Gbit/s. It will enable more customers in dense environments while improving the conventional wireless LAN experience.

It will also help sophisticated applications like 4K or 8K video, high-definition collaborative apps, all-wireless offices, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Wi-Fi 6 pushes Wi-Fi toward the future with the continued evolution of Wi-Fi.

Benefits of WI-FI6


Speed is one of the main benefits of Wi-Fi. In this current generation, internet speeds are predicted to grow by 40 percent. The data transmission rate is achieved via an efficient data encoding scheme.

This results in the 2.4 GHz internet being considerably faster.

More Devices

One of the key enhancements in Wi-Fi 6 is Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA). The technology classifies one wireless channel into numerous sub-channels, and each of these sub-channels can transmit data for separate devices.

MIMO performance was further improved. The deployment of extra antennas on a device allows greater communication between connected devices.

By implementing this latest wireless standard in popular public sites like airports, stadiums, malls, and so on, this becomes the newest public wireless standard. This ties back to IoT, where businesses, retail locations, and communities are all beginning to use WiFi 6 to communicate with more devices simultaneously.

4K UHD Video Conferencing

With Wi-Fi 6, it will be possible to enable smooth video conferencing at 4K resolutions.

Power Saving

Another way to express the concept of greater battery life is reduced power usage. Target Wake Time now enables this.

By using this, a connected device like a desktop, laptop or smartphone can precisely be dictated by an access point to set the wireless radio on and off to sleep mode after the transmission has been activated. The gadget rests in sleep mode while it awaits signals from the access point.

Holoware workstation has been designed to support Wi-Fi 6 & built for high speed business grade performance packed inside mini desktop workstation.

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