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What Makes Workstations Better Than Desktops for Businesses?

Updated: May 8

Holoware Makes Workstations Better Than Desktops for Businesses.

A PC workstation is a very important and potent computer tool for individuals who use it for both professional and personal purposes. If you're looking to buy a new PC workstation, there are several factors to take into account.

What should you keep in mind while selecting a new PC workstation?

Configuration & Customization

While a pre-configured PC workstation may frequently accomplish the desired results, many of our clients simply can't pass up the chance to obtain exactly what they want with a fully personalized PC. The greatest option for people who want complete control over their build to assure they'll have the precise hardware they need is to build and configure their workstations.

Content producers, engineers, and web developers in particular have special PC requirements, such as high-end graphics cards and the capacity to connect additional devices via a variety of ports.

The notion that you can create your bespoke computer for cheaper than a pre-configured PC is something we occasionally hear. Although theoretically achievable, the process might be quite difficult and time-consuming if you are not an experienced computer specialist. If you choose the wrong components, or if they are incompatible, you could have to pay the money you "saved" to get your workstation up and running.

Performance Level

The overall performance of any workstation you are considering is another important consideration. The choice of storage and memory as well as the central processor, graphics processor, and other crucial elements all have a role in this.

Make sure the hardware you select can handle it without latency or other problems if you want to link your workstation with a certain set of apps or software systems. Take a thorough look at any visually demanding software you'll be utilizing to determine if there are any graphic requirements if you're worried about visual responsiveness.

When selecting various components for a new PC workstation, there are several things to take into account. Your decisions will influence everything from the machine's ultimate cost to how well it will function over time for your diverse demands.

What are some more crucial aspects to consider when looking to buy a new PC workstation? Here are a few to think about.


RAM, or random-access memory, is a crucial component of your computer's "short-term" volatile memory. RAM enables quick access to data that is currently being used by your computer. The information is loaded into RAM whenever you open a file, run a program, surf the internet, or do any other common operation. RAM is deleted when your computer shuts down and will be utilized once more when you start a new session.

This implies that the more RAM your computer has the more complicated tasks it can execute at once. Additionally, quicker RAM will be able to access your info more quickly. RAM is one of the single most crucial components affecting the speed and performance of the PC when paired with processor power. RAM is often described in terms of its speed and capacity (gigabytes) (gigahertz). Finally, ECC (error correction code) memory should be taken into consideration for systems that need high dependability. Workstations that need to be resistant to data corruption and system failures employ ECC memory.


The "long-term" non-volatile storage is just as crucial to take into account as your short-term memory, RAM. On your PC workstation, all of the data, programs, apps, drivers, and operating systems will be located here. Whether or not your workstation is turned on, this information is kept.

Starting with 128GB of storage, PC workstations may be updated to fit your demands depending on the volume and kind of material you need. 250GB can often accommodate more than 30,000 images or music. Upgrade to at least 500GB of storage if you intend to save films, intricate CAD files, or high-resolution photographs on your PC workstation. Simply NUC's PC workstations can offer up to 16TB of storage.

Accessories Improvements

Finally, it's important to consider accessories that will improve the functionality of your PC workstation. The following are some essential accessories to think about:

Graphics Card: The importance of the GPU is comparable to or occasionally greater than that of the CPU. The choice of your graphics card becomes crucial when choosing your PC workstation for graphics-intensive tasks like CAD, medical imaging, and content production.

Network Connectivity: A modern PC workstation must have Ethernet speed capabilities of at least 2.5 Gbps, with some consideration for additional LAN ports or rates as high as 10 Gbps.

Monitor: The screens used to show your data are desktop monitors. They come from a broad range of brands and are often sold separately from the main PC unit. Think about things like resolution, I/O ports, size, and price when choosing a monitor that will work best for your setup. The majority of contemporary workstation setups demand the flexibility to connect to two to six monitors.

Speak to the professionals at Holoware right now to learn more about purchasing a bespoke PC workstation or find out more about any of our products here.

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