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Workstation Recommendation for Rhino 3D

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Rhino is a well-known 3D modelling, rendering, and animation application software that is frequently used in the Architectural Engineering & Construction (AEC) industry. It calculates 2D and 3D geometrical curves mathematically using a procedure known as non-uniform rational basis splines, or NURBS.

High-Frequency Processor for 3D Modelling

Because 3D modelling tasks require a small number of cores and threads, choosing a processor with the fastest clock speed possible will yield the best results. Clock speeds on AMD Ryzen Workstations are in the 5GHz range. Because of their fast clock speeds, they are highly recommended for Rhino users who predominantly employ 3D modelling workflows. AMD Ryzen Workstations are recommended for users who render. These CPUs maintain respectable clock speeds for 3D modelling tasks while also providing enough cores and threads to keep render times to a minimum.

Graphics Card Support for OpenGL 4.1

The software developer’s minimum requirements list supports OpenGL 4.1 and recommends 4GB of video RAM. A professional NVIDIA Quadro graphics card with at least 4GB of RAM is recommended. NVIDIA Quadro cards are slightly more dependable than their NVIDIA GeForce counterparts aimed at consumers. Both varieties of NVIDIA graphics cards are fully compatible with Rhino.

System Memory

8 GB of RAM will be occupied by a Rhino user working on relatively large projects or multitasking with other applications. So, all users should have at least 16 GB to 32 GB of RAM. By boosting system memory to at least 16 GB, you’ll have the headroom you need to keep your system operating as effectively as possible without worrying about reaching a memory bottleneck.

Storage Drive Configuration

Traditional hard disk drives are substantially slower than SSDs. Faster drive speeds will improve your system’s responsiveness, make it significantly faster to boot, and make loading applications and project files a snap. Choose an NVMe-based SSD for the best performance.

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