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As a Deep-Tech Technology innovation company, we value our investor relations and look forward to exploring new investment opportunities at Holoware.

Why Invest

Investors can have access to emerging future technology products through Holoware.

With a strong emphasis on market-leading, substantial businesses in the Computer Manufacturing industry, Holoware has a balanced portfolio.

We carry out our business through the Holoware brand which has dominant market positions with big on-demand events.

If you like to Explore Investment Opportunities at Holoware

Financial Discipline and Strength

We operate under a cash-generating company model and employ a rigorous capital allocation strategy.

Our strong financial position gives us the freedom to engage in expansion prospects and generate gains for our customers, peers, and shareholders.

Growth Opportunities

We are making investments to accelerate our products of All-in-One Computers and Laptops (Budget & High-End Series).

This is driving the development of new products, enhancing our existing products and customer relationships, and expanding our reach into new audiences and adjacent markets.

Outstanding Sustainability

Holoware achieves top rankings in the leading sustainability indices due to a long-running focus on embedding sustainability.

We are making substantial progress with our FasterForward program, which includes carbon and waste reduction commitments.

Scale and Leadership in Niche Markets

We have scale leadership positions in Operations and Sales Departments with a substantial weighting towards overall India.

We serve and work deeply in highly specialized markets, operating through major established partners.

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