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About Us

Holoware is a Deep Tech Technology Company. Along with its current line of planned products (Desktops, Workstations, and All-in-One Desktops), Holoware intends to release Laptops and Tablet variants, as it strives to become one of India's most reputable technological firms.​

Our Team

Our Team of professionals with relevant IT experience & expertise across a wide range of innovative technologies enables us to offer valuable customers.

Our Story

Founded in the year 2020, Holoware is a forward-looking company with a vision of providing technology accessible to every segment of the market and making it an integral part of the human lifestyle. 

We are proud to introduce Holoware`s Made in India business computer desktops and workstations to the market. Our products are designed to support high-end computer requirements, and graphics solutions for most demanding business & space-constrained environments.

Our desktops and workstations are AR/VR enabled catering to the needs of Gamers, 3D  Animators, Engineers, CAD/CAM Architects, Designers, Scientists, Analysts,  Training Institutes, Manufacturing, or any businesses, be it big or small. Our desktops and workstations are powerful, fully compact, customizable, scalable, and portable with different system configurations. It is designed to accustom & fulfill Work from home needs of heavy software users as well.

We are one of the companies under Atmanirbhar Bharat with an aim of ‘make for world’. We strive to be one of the Made in India leading workstation manufacturers. Our goal and focus are to be vocal for locals through our mini workstations which serve the high-end graphical needs of the users.


To create innovative products that will improve individual and business potential. We collaborate with value-added distributors and strategic partners to offer our innovative solutions to end-users.


To bring the best user experience by offering prime solutions for a much-advanced business growth.


We provide quality products along with technical support & service to assist our customers in pre & post-sales.



We design & built desktops and workstations which offer more value than you pay for, and we guarantee an excellent customer experience at all points of contact.

Premium Standard

With the extensive technical knowledge of our design team, we create the perfect design for your desktops and workstations based on your requirements, and by using only robust, widely-approved components, you can be sure that the design is safe and reliable.

On-Time Support

Every time we call, we do it on time, and SLAs and SOPs constantly assist us to set a higher standard.

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